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Honey & the Flies is a five-piece rock band formed in Venice, CA on the 4th of July, 2020. Their throwback sound is defined by lead singer Natalie Joyce, whose powerful vocals bring new energy to their unique blend of folk rock, Southern rock, and Americana.  Honey & the Flies released their debut EP in August 2022.  The EP is titled "First Flight" and can be enjoyed on all streaming platforms now. The band features Elliott Callaway on guitar, Stephen Oaks on keys, Tim Hall on bass, and Andrew Damian on drums.


Slip Bar 
Redondo Beach
Saturday June 17th 

Drifters Bar and Pizzeria 
Saturday July 8th

Meet the Band



Hailing from Philadelphia, Natalie Joyce is an award-winning stage actress who brings her powers of persuasion to the band. After a series of successful productions in Chicago, Natalie decided to quit acting and move to Los Angeles. However, after some time, the allure of the stage could be turned down no longer, and she is back as everyone’s favorite rock n’ roll diva, Honey. With a voice rooted in Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi, Natalie brings a fresh and powerful approach to the sounds of the 60s and 70s.


“Should we add another bebop here? Or are we just beboppin’ around?”


E L L I O T T 

Elliott Callaway grew up in Birmingham, AL and spent much of his teenage years listening to the sweet sounds of Duane Allman, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia and the like. But it wasn’t until attending the University of Alabama (Roll Tide) that Elliott began playing live and really developing his signature smooth tone.  As lead guitarist, it’s his duty to play the crunchiest of licks, and if you’re not careful, he may just serenade you by singing a song or two.  Now, I reckon sometimes he’s got a burr in his saddle, but when he’s pickin’ that ol’ guitfiddle he’s usually grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ a sweet ‘tater.


“That dog’ll hunt”



Stephen Oaks comes from Buffalo, NY and plays keys and occasionally mandolin. His musical journey started on the violin at age 4 before switching to keys full time at age 8. His early piano heroes were Ben Folds and Billy Joel, and continued to Chuck Leavell and his fellow Miami Hurricane Bruce Hornsby. Stephen began planting the seeds for this band at bars in Venice in late 2019, where he was introduced to Natalie. After he found Elliott, the band was firmly in motion. Stephen plays a mix of acoustic and electric piano sounds, with a particular affection for the electric piano sounds of the 60s. Stephen’s father was a fiddle player in a successful barn raising polka band in the mid 70, and his father’s father is rumored to have played the squeeze box in a minstrel act.


“I wish people could see my hands.” 


T I M 

A graduate of the College Conservatory of music at the University of Cincinnati (or was it Boston) as a guitarist, Tim has recently found that he really likes playing bass. Tim also holds degrees in literature and philosophy and has enjoyed the vast monetary gains associated with those lofty degrees. Also Tim likes dogs, especially his beautiful Zoe, who tries to bark during every recording session.


“Check how light this bass amp is.”



Andrew Damian is here for a good time, not a long one. A multi-instrumentalist, he brings his melodic sensibilities to the drum kit. After studying music at Princeton University, Andrew returned to his native Los Angeles, where he can be found almost every night of the week playing bass, drums, keys, or guitar. Having recently quit his suit and tie job, Andrew brings his youthful exuberance and hard-hitting drum sticks to the stage. Andrew is also the band’s harmony coordinator, and always finds the right notes for everyone’s range.


“If the crowd likes it…maybe it’s good”


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